About Us

Our Story

   Sam had been working as a dog trainer for several years when Brian moved to the area and started helping him with dog walking and pet sitting.  While working together, they started discussing the quality and effectiveness of the products that could be found in pet stores and online.  They were unsatisfied with a lot of the products and began talking about ways they could be better.  What started as random ideas and passing comments turned into serious brainstorming and prototyping.  Finally, Sam mentioned that he had a client with the perfect material for these new products, and after doing some research they found that it was called BioThane.

   Immediately, Brian and Sam fell in love with the material.  It felt amazing in the hands, but was incredibly strong.  The fact that it was waterproof and stinkproof and came in a multitude of vibrant colors made it even better!  They ordered some samples and started learning how to make products.  What began as just leashes morphed into collars and toys and harnesses.

   Now, Sam and Brian are constantly working to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their designs.  They love dogs (and cats!) and want to help improve the relationships people have with their own pets.  All DoggleHead products are handmade by Brian and Sam in their workshop.  They prototype new designs and test them with all the dogs they work with.  They believe that BioThane is the perfect material for dogs, and they are dedicated to making the perfect products with it.


Meet the Founders

Sam Nord

Hi! My name is Sam Nord and I am a relationship based and positive practice dog trainer. First off, I love what I have been given the opportunity to do, which is helping people create everlasting bonds with their dogs. I grew up with animals and have been working with, training, and learning about our furry friends for over a decade. I truly believe our ability to communicate with our pets has reached an extraordinary level, and here at DoggleHead we can and will go even further by supporting our dogs' healthy habits. We also strive to provide them an opportunity to be part of our DoggleHead community and to have access to comfortable and life long products. I believe in DoggleHead because it will make a difference. My passion comes from all levels and we will not stop helping the world be a better place for our animals.

Brian Johnson

   In 2008, I graduated from Georgia State University with a B.A. in Religious Studies.  With the plan to become a teacher, I moved to South Korea the following year and started teaching English.  After six years, I decided to change professions and moved back to the US.  I had been friends with Sam since after high school and began spending a lot of time with him at his farm.  He started teaching me about dog training and it completely changed the way I viewed my own dogs, and gave me a deeper relationship with them.  We have been both friends and business partners since.  With different backgrounds and areas of expertise, we work well together and are excited to help bring the newest dog products to owners everywhere.