Reflective Leash

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The DoggleHead Difference

Handmade in the USA, our collars are designed using BioThane coated webbing.

  • We are proud to say that all of our products are HANDMADE BY US.  We put in the hours to learn how to work with the various materials, tools and hardware and spent even more working on quality designs and then improving our craftsmanship.  Every product will be unique in small ways, and we love the idea that your dog's fashion is uniquely made for him/her!
  • All of our products are WATERPROOF, so you can say goodbye to wet leashes and collars after walking in the rain or a trip to the river or beach.
  • Additionally, our material is STINKPROOF.  The anti-microbial (resists germs) nature of a coated webbing means our products do not collect any bad odors from your dog or the environment (s)he plays in.
  • Our products can get dirty, but because they are waterproof and stinkproof they are also highly CLEANABLE.  We have had our dogs' collars get completely coated in mud that you could barely tell what color they were.  All we needed to do was run it under the sink and rub off the grime until it looked, literally, good as new.
  • Our material has between a 300-3000 lb break strength (varies with width/coating style), is also very DURABLE.  As with anything, though, beware those power chewers!  Our material resists chewing slightly better than leather (and miles beyond nylon), but a dedicated dog will shred even our products!
  • Because of all these great benefits, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our products.  If anything happens (not likely but anything is possible!), send in whatever survived and we will either repair or replace it, no questions asked.